About Us

Picture Machine Productions is a game-changing video production company, servicing clients worldwide. Our video production services are perfectly suited for projects large and small; from Fortune 500 Corporations (AARP, Chevrolet, Optum) to major label recording artists (Bon Iver, Vicetone, Owl City.)

Our exceptional team of filmmakers pursue their craft not as a job, but as a lifestyle. When they're not utilizing their talents to on a client project, they are hard at work perfecting their skills through such varied avenues as music videos, festival-bound short films, and creative web-series. Our video production services run the entire gamut, from brainstorming and content development, all the way to editing and post-production; what this all means is that we can develop, guide, and execute your project all under one roof. This allows for ultimate control of quality, vision and message.